Camp Safety Inc


Camp Safety Equipment started out as a two man operation in the mid 1970's. Working out of his home garage, a local Deer Park Firefighter named Tom Camp began selling & installing lights and sirens for local volunteer firefighters. The business quickly grew and officially became Camp Safety Equipment Inc. in 1978.

The business started in Tom’s garage and continued to grow and develop there until 1987. In that year the company became too big for the small space and Tom decided to take the next big step with the company he built from the ground up. He up and moved the company to a small building on Sycamore Rd. This move truly was the spark that lit the flame. The business exploded from that point on and was forced to move to bigger locations in 1990, and then again in 1993 to the current 14,000 square foot building on Blue Ash Rd. Some thought it would be too big, but since that move in 1993 there have been many additions to the building to accommodate the continuously expanding business.

Today Camp Safety Equipment is up-fitting 400+ vehicles a year, and serving over a 1000 overall customers a year. These customers range from volunteers to some of the largest emergency departments in the Region (As far away as Lincoln Park, Michigan and Carson, California). Whether it is a simple installation or a complete vehicle build up, Camp Safety can fulfill your needs. We also have the largest display showroom in the Tri-State, stocking a variety of warning lights, sirens, and police, fire, and emergency equipment.